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Clinical Details


Shalya Tantra

Shalya Tantra is a specialized branch of Ashtanga Ayurveda which mainly deals with surgical management of diseases. Acharya Sushruta was the pioneer in the field of Shalya Tantra, who has explained surgical management of different diseases, whose principles are in practice even in the present modern era.
Facilities at Shalya Tantra department of our institution includes ancient surgical procedures and clinical applications of various treatment modalities like Agnikarma, Ksharakarma, Jalaukavacharana etc. Treatment facilities for Haemorrhoids, Fistula, Fissure in ano, Rectal prolapse, Pilo Nidal Sinus etc as per Ayurvedic methodology and Modern science, treatment of chronic diseases with blood-letting through Leeches or through Venepuncture and many more are available at our institution. We are also specialized in wound management which includes Nonhealing chronic ulcers, Diabetic Foot ulcers etc. It also provides non-surgical treatment of various surgically treatable diseases, for patients who are unfit for surgery. The hospital also provides practical training of surgical procedures on patients for students at well- equipped operation theatre and procedure room.
At our institution, Surgical Conditions are Comprehensively Managed by following Ayurvedic medicines, Special Procedures along with an integrated approach.
Following procedures are done at Shalya Tantra Department of Atreya Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital

  1. Agnikarma
  2. Ksharakarma
  3. Jalaukavacharana – Leech Therapy
  4. Siravyadhana – Blood Letting Therapy
  5. Shastra Karma
  6. Lepana Karma
  7. Bandhana Karma
  8. Aushadha Chikitsa – Internal Medications

We have a specialized Podiatry Clinic under the department of Shalya Tantra, which caters to all the ailments related to the Foot. As the non-communicable diseases like DM, HTN, Obesity, Dyslipidaemia and Vascular problems etc are leading to various diseases of foot like DFU, Foot drops, Foot infections, other vascular diseases of the foot region etc the specialized Podiatry clinic was initiated which are headed by experts of the field who provide utmost care to the patients seeking treatment.


Kayachikitsa is one among eight branches of Ayurveda.This science mainly deals with management of various physical and psychological diseases like arthritis, gastritis, diabetes, chronic cough, wheezing, epilepsy, stress related disorders, skin diseases through various shoshana and shamana chikitsa.
As Ayurveda focuses on both physical and mental fitness institution is offering excellent relaxation treatment through yoga and motivational therapies.
Patients are rendered with good treatment facilities and being relieved from the symptoms through various therapies and services of the consultants. Conducting free campaigns and camps to prograte the services for the welfare of patients.
Also aiming in minimizing the disease occurrence by educating the public through proper dietary measures.

Shalakya Tantra

Shalakya tantra deals with diseases of Eye, ENT, Oral, Dental, Head and Neck. Numbers of classical therapies are explained in the management of various diseases. Numerous classical medications are available in Ayurveda which acts as antioxidant, rejuvenating and regenerating in qualities that helps in the management of EYE, ENT and Oro-Dental diseases.
At our institution, Common eye complaints viz., diminished vision for distant / near objects, redness, watering, pain, swelling, etc. conditions along with following specific ocular diseases are managed by Ayurveda with encouraging results.
Some of the diseases of the eyes which are managed through ayurvedic medications are:

  • Refractive errors (Myopia, Hyperopia & Astigmatism)
  • Dry eye syndrom
  • Amblyopia
  • Computer vision syndrome
  • Allergic conjunctivitis
  • Immature cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Vitreal degeneration
  • Squint
  • Diabetic / Hypertensive Retinopathy
  • Retinitis pigmentosa
  • Keratoconus
  • Bullous Keratopathy
  • Corneal Ulcers and Opacities etc

A special ocular therapy unit established for the treatment of various ocular ailments. In this unit special ocular therapies like Seka, Aschyotana, Anjana, Tarpana, Putapaka, Nayanabhyanga, Annalepa and a set of eye exercises are carried out.
Eye Exercises:– There is a set of eye exercises like Trataka, candle exercises, Ball exercise, fine candle light reading, button separation, thread exercise, bar exercise, TK wash, Cold pad, Palming, etc. These are advised as per the related conditions.
Some of the diseases of the Nose which are managed through ayurvedic medications are: Naso-bronchial allergies, Nasal obstruction, Sinusitis, Headache, Migraine, Tonsillitis and Adenitis, Stomatitis (oral ulcers), Hard of hearing (Reduced Hearing), Otitis Externa and Media, Herpis zoster oticus etc Nasya is one among the panchakarma which is used extensively in the treatment of diseases of the nose.
A special ENT therapy unit established for the treatment of various ENT ailments. In this unit special ENT therapies like Nasya / Shirovirechana, Gandoosha, Kavala, Pratisarana, Pracchanana, Lepa, Hanubasti, Karnapoorana, Karnadhoopana, Karnaparimarjana, etc are also carried out.


Kaumarabhritya, a branch of Ayurveda deals with paediatrics in Ayurveda i.e from birth of the child till adolescence, their nutritional aspects and development along with diseases during this period.

  • Diseases/ Conditions Managed :
  • Common Neonatal problems.
  • Epilepsy
  • Recurrent respiratory infections, allergy and skin ailments
  • Common Gastro-intestinal (GIT) issues
  • Developmental disabilities – Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHD etc

Facilities / Services offered :

  • OP and IP services
  • Rehabilitative therapies for ADHD and autism spectrum disorders are addressed here.
  • Diseases like cerebral palsy , muscular dystrophy are managed with Ayurvedic therapies here.
  • Vitiated breast milk disorders its treatment and measures to increase it in feeding mothers are practised here.
  • Swarna prashana – A novel ayurvedic formulary to boost immunity for combating recurrent infections and to enhance overall development of the child.
  • Resuscitation Unit
  • Phototherapy unit
  • Panchakarma for children in accordance with disease requirement

Stree Roga and Prasooti Tantra

Stree Roga and Prasooti Tantra is a significant branch of Ayurveda mainly dealing with child birth (Prasooti tantra /Obstetrics) and Gynecological (Streeroga) disorders.
Department has well established OPD, IPD, minor and major operation theatre. Our institution has a good Antenatal OPD wherein 50 pregnant women register every month.
Unique modality for Normal Delivery
Basti (medicated enema with oil or ghee) is administered to pregnant women during 8th & 9th month to ease the process of delivery and to prevent complications.
To enhance clinical acumen various treatment modalities for following gynecological conditions in the form of Yonidhavana (douch), Pichu application (Tampooning with medicated oil/ghee), Uttara Vasti (Intrauterine instillation of oil/ghee) etc. are regularly practiced.
Department regularly conducts public awareness programs on various National and International days viz.,
• World breast feeding week
• Pregnancy Awareness Week
• World population day
• Cancer Screening (Breast, Cervical & Uterine Cancers)
• Safe motherhood day
• International women’s day etc.


Ostensibly the most eminent branch of Ayurveda is Panchakarma. The name Panchakarma literally means "Five Actions" which is well-suited given the fact that this technique relies upon five distinctive basic activities that control the body namely Vamana (Vomiting), Virechana (Purgation), Niruham and Anuvaasan a type of Enema, and Nasyam (Nasal treatmemt). In other words, Panchakarma healing technique is a pillar on which majority of Ayurvedic techniques stand.
We can treat many disorders like musculoskeletal, respiratory, neurological, GIT, skin disorders etc. Apart from treating the disorder we can rejuvenate, detoxify our body and many diseases can be prevented by taking Panchakarma therapies. Panchakarma is the true manifestation of the Ayurvedic values and it lives up to its reputation.