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Atreya Ayurvedic Hospital had its genesis in 2003 at the nucleus of Doddaballapur town situated 35 km s away from Bengaluru.

Atreya Ayurvedic Hospital serves as an immediate lifeline and health care centre to the people from many villages in and around Doddaballapur. It comprises 100 beds with high inpatient and outpatient rate. The hospital also provides minor, major OT, labour rooms, recovery rooms, post-operative rooms and OPD. Besides, it also provides Kayachikitsa (internal medicine), Shalakya (ENT & Ophthalmology), Panchakarma, Kaumarbhritya (pediatrics), Shalyatantra (Surgery).

The Hospital also has a Diagnostics laboratory which offers X-Ray facility, pathological lab, ECG, spirometry, and basic physiotherapy units for the rehabilitation purposes. The medicines are prepared and made available at the pharmaceutical store.

The professionals at the hospital are highly experienced and have come from some of the best institutions and hospitals in India and Abroad. They are highly specialized in treating highly critical cases of chronic illnesses.

Different activity programs like free camps in and around Doddaballapur covering the radius of 20 kms , are successfully being conducted frequently.

Free camps and talks by the expert lady Doctors for Woman and Children welfare organizations and Stri Shakthi Samajas are held

The Atreya Ayurvedic Hospital is providing regular health checkup camps in Anganavadi, Schools and Colleges.

Disease survey is conducted in villages in and around Doddaballapur for creating awareness about the diseases manifesting due to lifestyle and helping them in prevention of diseases.